GMinder: Now with Better International Time Support

Several users noticed that GMinder did not correctly display dates and times on their computers. This is because GMinder did not take into account various international time formats. New version 1.2.10 now has better support for such formats, including 24 hour formats. Note that GMinder will now use your regional settings in Windows to format the time.

Additionally, there is a new “About GMinder” window that displays the version of GMinder that you are using, accessible from the system tray.

As always, thank you for your suggestions and feedback!

7 thoughts on “GMinder: Now with Better International Time Support”

  1. Feature Request: I’d like to see GMinder have the ability to remember last opened window size and position.

  2. I just installed GMinder and I am also getting the error “You may not have permission to edit the selected calendar”
    Is this program still being developed and supported? I see a lot of current messages, but last rules was a year ago.

  3. In addition to the request above to remember last opened window size & position, please add an option to not display the main window on startup, so that adding this to the Windows Startup folder will cause just the tray app to run, without a popup.

  4. Just wanted to thank you for writing this incredibly useful program. Google really dropped the ball – they should have written something like this. Nice work, and thank you!!

  5. Nice App but i have a small/big problem: I can add events, but i can’t download the events that I have in my calendars. Any sugestions?
    By the way, the events added are visible in my google calendar…

  6. when i add events(using the add event option), it does not add reminders to the event (eg sms remainder). Could you please look into this.
    This is great app with great design in mind… keep up the good work

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